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I was afraid to reach out to speak with a mental health provider because I know they will write prescriptions, but I had to take the chance.I had a fear of being labeled. I had a big fear of being misunderstood.  Luckily, I met Dr. Tiffany Smith and I was pleasantly surprised. She was an advocate for me finding a natural approach to me finding my mental health needs. She listened to me and did not pressure me to take pills. I feel she met me where I was and helped me through my challenges. I am so much better than I imagined after working with Dr. Tiffany. I was in a very dark and sunken place but Dr. Tiffany helped me start by seeing a little bit of light and hanging on to that until I was ready to take the next step.  Now, I feel empowered and equipped to address my mental health. My transformation has empowered me to take steps to share with others the importance of mental health care.   Trevon C. 

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"Dr. Smith is the best mental health provider I have ever had. Everyone just pushes pills, but she listens to you and takes time to find alternatives to taking medications and she listens to you. I tell everyone about the amazing provider I have in Dr. Smith." Traci D. 


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"I had been searching for a mental health provider for months with the pandemic going on it seem liked it shut down all avenues of getting to a mental health provider. I thought I was going to lose my mind! Finally in October of 2020,  I found Dr. Tiffany M Smith with Aroma Functional Nutrition Psychiatry. I think she is an amazing doctor. She is down-to-earth, very positive, quite calming, funny, and uplifting. She listens to you, and she gives you things to think about. I find her to be delicately precise. Any patient will find her to be a very fine doctor."  T.H.

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