Psychosis Treatment Center Questions and Answers

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Psychosis Treatment Center Near Me in Las Vegas, NV
Psychosis Treatment Center Near Me in Las Vegas, NV

What is psychosis?

Psychosis is a serious mental condition where the brain’s information processing is affected and can cause an individual to lose touch with their reality. Psychosis can cause people to see, hear or believe things as being real that aren’t. It is not an illness, but rather a symptom of an illness that could be mental or physical. It can also be caused by substance abuse or when the individual is experiencing extreme trauma or stress that can change the way they perceive things. Schizophrenics suffer from a psychotic disorder and can experience psychosis, typically during the late teenage years or in early adulthood. Bipolar disorder is another psychotic illness that can present psychosis as one of the symptoms. Secondary psychosis refers to the presence of psychosis as a symptom not related to a psychotic illness, but rather from drug use or another medical condition.

What are the signs and symptoms of psychosis?

Psychosis doesn’t happen instantly, there are often symptoms that can be observed as early warning signs. These signs can indicate that there is a change in how the person thinks about and understands the world and can be observed by friends and family members or by the person experiencing the issues themselves. Some indicators of early psychosis can include a drop in grades or decreased job performance, struggling to concentrate or think clearly, unease or feeling suspicious around other people, decrease in hygiene and self-care, increased time alone, emotional overreactions to situations or having no emotions. Early psychosis signs can include seeing and hearing things that others don’t, hanging on to unusual thoughts and beliefs despite what others say, pulling away from loved ones, no longer taking care of yourself and not being able to pay attention or think clearly. Full on psychotic episodes include all of the above symptoms as well as auditory, tactile and visual hallucinations where you hear, feel and see things others don’t and delusions that aren’t aligned to your culture or make no sense to other people.

How common is psychosis?

We don’t hear a lot about people suffering from psychosis so it may be surprising to learn that it is more common than most people believe. Roughly 3 out of every 100 people, or 3%, in the United States will experience an episode of psychosis at one point or another in the course of their lives. It is not an illness, but rather a symptom of an illness such as schizophrenia or a bipolar disorder, or it could be the result of substance abuse or extreme trauma to the brain. While psychosis can affect people of any age, it primarily shows up in people in their late teens and into early adulthood. Because of this, it is important that it is caught and treated early, to ensure that the sufferer gets back on the right track with their mental health to avoid the symptoms progressing to an extreme state.

What causes psychosis?

The exact cause of psychosis is not clear but there are some risk factors that seem to increase the likelihood of it developing in some people. Factors can include a genetic disposition that may or may not develop into psychosis, drug use and abuse of substances such as alcohol, marijuana, LSD and amphetamines, trauma that was experienced such as a loved one’s death, sexual assault or interaction with war, and illnesses or injuries that cause traumatic damage to the brain such as brain tumors, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and HIV. Psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can also cause psychosis as one of the symptoms of the illness.

Why is early treatment important?

Early treatment for psychosis is very important for sufferers, ideally receiving treatment after the first episode has been experienced. Psychosis can affect your performance at work or school, as well as your relationships with others, if left untreated. Treatment can also help you to avoid further issues in the future, particularly since it is a symptom of a much larger medical problem that will require treatment. Coordinated specialty care (CSC) uses a team approach of multiple different health care professionals to treat psychotic disorders at the first sign of symptoms. It uses a combination of therapy and medicine, along with social services and support for work and school, as well as involving the other members of your family where possible. Each case of psychosis will be unique based on the cause of the condition. Our team of leading healthcare professionals at Aroma Functional Nutrition Psychiatry Services are here to help provide treatment for psychosis. We will work with you to determine the proper diagnosis and will put together a treatment plan in order to provide you with the best outcome to control your psychosis. We serve patients from Las Vegas NV, Henderson NV, Summerlin NV, Boulder City NV, Mount Charleston NV, Indian Springs NV, and Mesquite NV. Looking forward to serve you!

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