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Common question asked by patients: What is community mental health services? What is the importance of community mental health? Why is community important to mental health? At Aroma Functional Nutrition Psychiatry, we understand that we are social beings and support is essential for a good mental health state. We have created a safe community called, Free2BU Nation. This community is for people that seek to meet others and discuss or support others in their journey of life.

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Community for Mental Health Near Me in Las Vegas, NV
Community for Mental Health Near Me in Las Vegas, NV

Why is community important to mental health?

Three reasons:

BELONGING: When it comes to mental health, it is very sensitive and private. Sometimes you do not want to share with family or even friends what you are experiencing. You need a place to share some of those intimate feelings, challenges, and curiosities because you are not alone and you are not the only one. FREE2BU NATION offers a safe community where there is no judgement. Just people sharing their journey, supporting others, seeking answers and support.

SUPPORT: Support is having that place you can go when you are challenged and need some guidance, insight, and perspective. A lack of support will increase your mental health symptoms because you do not have an outlet and resolution to your challenges. Being a part of a community that makes you feel heard and safe is imperative to good mental health.

PURPOSE: Community gives us purpose. In every relationship or group, there are roles we all play. Some people are a part of the community to be a supporter and encourager of others. Others may want to share their tips and techniques to handle difficult situations. Others need someone to listen, and others need to talk. Whatever your role is in the community it is valued and needed.

Learn  more about FREE2BU NATION here. 

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